Final Post

I have my own website as of today. and am moving my blog there. I will no longer be posting on this one here. Thank you for all your views….and comments, as well as all the email I have received from you who have been reading my blog here. I hope you will continue to follow my posts at my new website.



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Taking a Break

I know I was going to do a blog a day for September. There has been some major changes in my life, and am taking the weekend off of social media. I will be back on Monday with a entirely new blog. It will actually be a new website.

I may be on twitter a few times to say hi. But no blogging, as I have really nothing to blog about until I clear my head a bit.


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Day 2

Today is day 2 of my 2011 workout. I feel great, but sore. I really lacked motivation to go for my walk this morning. So I decided, in my pajamas, to just go do it. I made it 1.28mi. I am stepping up my pace a bit as well. My cigarette intake has gone down today. Usually by now I’ve smoked at least 8 cigarettes, I just got done smoking my 4th for the day.

Doing crunches the correct way: I am going to tell you that this burns more than anything in this world. I did crunches yesterday, and again today…wow! Feel the burn! When you do them correctly, it does not take much to feel it working. I hope to be able to complete more than one set of eight in the next few days.

Weight lifting: Lifting has always been a pain in my ass. I never cared to do it, and always got bored from it. But now that I have been given the task of “correctly” toning my muscles, I’m excited to start seeing results over the next few weeks.

Diet: Well what can I say. Yesterday I was so crazy about my calorie and fat intake that after dinner I had enough of both to spoil myself to a small DQ Blizzard. Not a bad way to start off my diet. I skipped breakfast this morning. I do not want to do that moving forward as it is the most important meal of the day. Had a healthy salad for lunch.

I will try and go for another mile long walk later today, if time permits. I will weigh myself on Sunday.

Starting weight: 201
Goal weight: 185
Muscle tone: I have none
Muscle tone goal: good definition, abs of steel!


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Well I survived the first day of my weight challenge. I took in just under 2000 calories today. That’s a far cry from my standard of 5000-8000 I was averaging. My brain, and belly could certainly tell the difference.

I walked .72 mi this morning, the another 1.05 mi this afternoon. Then I lifted weights. I’m a bit sore tonight, but it’s that good kind of sore!

I’m ready for tomorrow. I need to drink a bit more water though. Only had about 6 cups. So tomorrow I will need to bump that up a bit!

Thank you Shandin for all of your help today. You made this day enjoyable and challenged me. And thank you to all my Twitter and Facebook friends for all of your support as well!

Until tomorrow…Mahalo!

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Diet Day 1

Today I began my diet/workout program to lose 15 pounds, and quit smoking. I am eating healthy, walking, running and lifting weights.

I got up this morning. Was motivated to get my walking on, but it took me forever to actually get out the door. The sad thing was, I walked a whopping 0.72 miles, and it felt like I ran a marathon. So embarrassing!

I’m really watching what I eat, and Shandin went to get me some free weights to help with my work out. She is also going to show me some great exercises that she learned from all her years as a ballet dancer. I really need to work of strengthening my back muscles.

I hope to walk more later today. We shall see. My friend El helped me out with some iPhone apps to help me track my workout progress. I’m so pumped.


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I often times reflect on my past. I love to remember all the fun I had when I was younger. A lot of times I struggle because I remember all the friends I once had. I only have two very close friends now. And it’s sad to me that so many have either moved away, or have dropped of the face of the planet for some “unknown” reason.

My friends Ian. We have been friends since I was 18 years old. I met him at a company we both worked for when I got out of high school. Him and I are polar opposites. I think that is what works so well for us. He learns from me, and I learn from him. We’ve been through a lot together.

Some funny stories I still remember, and think about a lot. My 21st birthday. We used to go to this bar at the Mall of America called Gatlins. It was a country music bar. I used to sneak in prior to my 21st birthday. So it was a bit hard to not be able to tell anyone there that it was my birthday, because they most likely would have kicked me out for having been there prior to it….oops. But we had a blast with one exception. I was the sober cab?? Yes. But fear not, I am not a big drinker. So it was nice knowing my friends would all get home safe with me behind the wheel.

I was never a fighter either. But Ian was a bit scrappy in his past. So one day, at his home in Minneapolis, he decided to give me boxing lessons. So we went out to the front yard, and began sparing. Right as we were getting in to the mix of things, a Minneapolis cop drove by. I remember Ian saying to me “quick! Smile so he knows I’m not killing you!” and the cop rolled down his window and proceeded to ask us “which one of you is Mike Tyson?”.

He sat up with me for all hours of the night, at Perkins, after I was dumped by a woman and devastated. I miss that he no longer lives close by, but with technology, we talk every day.

I remember one time he wanted to see the AZ Cardinal game, and I was living at my parents house. My dad had the football package. So I cued up google chat, and set the web cam in front of the TV so he could watch the game. We also used to play Monopoly via web cam (it’s amazing what you can do via web cam these days”.

I once had a friend who we will call J. We had many crazy things happen to is when he was drunk. A drunk run to the middle of no mans land in Wisconsin to pick him and his brother up at midnight on a Tuesday. That night the sheriff was called because they thought we killed someone in the room (one of our friends had to much to drink and aspirated, bad situation).

His brother was huge, and on the drive home, he passed out in the front seat. He kept bumping my car out of gear every 15-20 min. Drove me insane. We drove all the way home that way.

So many more stories, maybe I will post a story a week, and go in to more details. Just thought I would share some memories (good and bad).


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Today will be a 2 blog day as I’m working on a memories blog for later after I’m back from playing poker.

My health has been a overwhelming concern for me lately. I’ve never, in all my 37 years, been this unhealthy. I’m still smoking a pack a day, eating like crap, and not exercising at all. I’m sure I have high cholesterol, and my blood pressure is probably through the roof. I’ve gained weight, and find myself having smoker induced asthmatic attacks from time to time.

I need to get off my ass and do something about this. I’ve tried many times to quit smoking. I’ve also tried to eat better. Working out has always been hit or miss with me. So I’m devising a plan for the next 90 days to get back in to shape.

I will start by cutting back on how much I smoke. My goal for the next 3 months is to be smoke free. So immediately I will cut back to half a pack a day. I will also start eating healthier. No more mcdonalds, or…wait for it…DQ!!! *GULP*! I will begin walking tomorrow morning. I think if I tried to run, I would kill myself. So walking a few miles a day will be a good start. The final piece to this is that I have to find a way to better deal with my stress. So I made an appointment with my therapist to focus on that right now. I will blog about my progress, and hope you all will hold me accountable.


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