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Final Post

I have my own website as of today. and am moving my blog there. I will no longer be posting on this one here. Thank you for all your views….and comments, as well as all the email I have … Continue reading

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Taking a Break

I know I was going to do a blog a day for September. There has been some major changes in my life, and am taking the weekend off of social media. I will be back on Monday with a entirely … Continue reading

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Day 2

Today is day 2 of my 2011 workout. I feel great, but sore. I really lacked motivation to go for my walk this morning. So I decided, in my pajamas, to just go do it. I made it 1.28mi. I … Continue reading

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Well I survived the first day of my weight challenge. I took in just under 2000 calories today. That’s a far cry from my standard of 5000-8000 I was averaging. My brain, and belly could certainly tell the difference. I … Continue reading

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Diet Day 1

Today I began my diet/workout program to lose 15 pounds, and quit smoking. I am eating healthy, walking, running and lifting weights. I got up this morning. Was motivated to get my walking on, but it took me forever to … Continue reading

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I often times reflect on my past. I love to remember all the fun I had when I was younger. A lot of times I struggle because I remember all the friends I once had. I only have two very … Continue reading

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Today will be a 2 blog day as I’m working on a memories blog for later after I’m back from playing poker. My health has been a overwhelming concern for me lately. I’ve never, in all my 37 years, been … Continue reading

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