Today will be a 2 blog day as I’m working on a memories blog for later after I’m back from playing poker.

My health has been a overwhelming concern for me lately. I’ve never, in all my 37 years, been this unhealthy. I’m still smoking a pack a day, eating like crap, and not exercising at all. I’m sure I have high cholesterol, and my blood pressure is probably through the roof. I’ve gained weight, and find myself having smoker induced asthmatic attacks from time to time.

I need to get off my ass and do something about this. I’ve tried many times to quit smoking. I’ve also tried to eat better. Working out has always been hit or miss with me. So I’m devising a plan for the next 90 days to get back in to shape.

I will start by cutting back on how much I smoke. My goal for the next 3 months is to be smoke free. So immediately I will cut back to half a pack a day. I will also start eating healthier. No more mcdonalds, or…wait for it…DQ!!! *GULP*! I will begin walking tomorrow morning. I think if I tried to run, I would kill myself. So walking a few miles a day will be a good start. The final piece to this is that I have to find a way to better deal with my stress. So I made an appointment with my therapist to focus on that right now. I will blog about my progress, and hope you all will hold me accountable.


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One Response to Health

  1. lelly says:

    i know we joke a lot about this, but i’m glad to see you are focused on your wellness right now. i finally had to take charge of my own health again this year. it was, literally, the BEST decision i have made in recent years! ironically enough, it was a random comment on Twitter that made me make the commitment to myself. i really love the support that i’ve found there over the past 9 months. I’m here to support you!!!

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