Claudia Rendon, Pa. Mom, Fired After Taking Off To Donate Kidney To Son (VIDEO)

Below is a link to the story. I find it interesting that so many people are so livid over her being fired. It’s hard to understand what happened here, as the story lacks so much information. Did she utilize the FMLA (family medical leave act), was she a contract employee? Yet everyone is so quick to villainies the employer.

If she were an “at will” employee, that did not exercise her FMLA option, then this company did nothing wrong. I would agree that it certainly is a bitter pill to swallow, but they are with in their rights to let her go. I sense that is what happened in this situation. As there is no mention of a pending lawsuit, or formal complaint.

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Stink Eye?

Stink eye? Or lazy eye?


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Time to buckle down and get back to the basics. I played in a tournament on Saturday, and busted out 2 spots from the money. I’ve hit a dry spell. But past statistics show I’m due, for a good size cash. So this week, I’m playing tomorrow, Wednesday and Friday. Tourney, and cash games.

I have some very big poker related news that I am not able to discuss right at the moment. But soon I can. I’m very excited!!!

Tourney starts at 10:30 tomorrow, and I will update my twitter account (@mnpoker) throughout the day. Sleep well.


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Insomnia Returns 9/12/11


Welcome back, my old friend insomnia. I hate this more than I hate a lot of things in my life. For a few months, I had cheated this dreaded 1am wakeup call. I had slept through the entire night. And it was restful sleep. I was on cloud 9, and able to function all day. Now for the past week I’ve been awake for at least part of the night, every night. Tonight just happens to be the worst.

I can’t pin point what the issue is. I am a bit more depressed lately, but this is really dis-heartening! Why can’t I just be normal?

Guess it’s back to the doctor for another sleep med that will only work part of the time. Or one that will make me get up in the middle of the night and drive my car to an intersection where I can proceed to get out and dance around with no clothes on.

Whatever the reason is, I pray that is passes soon.


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Is everything!

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September 11th, 2001


To say that September 11th, 2001 was a tragedy would be an understatement. It changed the lives of everyone in the world in a few short minutes.

I remember the day very well. I was working for a heating and air company. I was a delivery driver, but was taking some time away from that to build a website for the company. My manager came in to my office, and he asked if I heard that a small plane had crashed in to the WTC. I went to and found a quick story about it. Then a few minutes later he came back and said the second tower was hit by a Jet, and that they saw it hit, live on TV. I called my best friends at the time and woke him up. I then decided it was best if I just left work as it would not be a productive day.

On my drive to my friends house, I tried to call my dad. He travels a lot for his job, and to be honest, I had no idea if he was in town, or out traveling. No answer. I tried to call my mom, and could not get in touch with her either. When I arrived at my friends house, we sat glued to the TV for the rest of the day. I did not leave there until after 10pm that day. I did finally get in touch with my mom, and she confirmed my dad was fine, and in town.

That day, so many things ran through my mind. I remember when the plane hit the Pentagon. I was wondering if this was the start of WWIII! That may sound crazy today, but at the time, all we knew was that we were under attack.

When they shut down the airspace that day, it was eerie. My friend lived at the end of the runway here in Minneapolis, and it fell silent. The only noise you heard was the sound of fighter jets circling the city in to the night.

Life will never be the same.


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Golf, Poker, Football and Hockey….Baseball


Went golfing today. Much like I did 10 years ago. The day prior to September 11, 2001. More on that tomorrow. I am writing my 10 years 9/11 blog and will post it tomorrow.

I was happy with how I played today. Shot an 89. Not bad considering I have not played much at all this year. Next year will be different. More golf, more poker, and more travel.

This is my favorite time of year. Football has started. Baseball is approaching the playoffs, and hockey is just around the corner. I also like the fact that fall is on it’s way, and Christmas is not far off (my favorite holiday).

I’ve really had a rough summer, and will be happy to put it behind me. It’s time to say goodbye to the past, and move on to the exciting future!

To tired to really blog much content today. Tomorrows blog will have a lot of content, and photos.


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