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Claudia Rendon, Pa. Mom, Fired After Taking Off To Donate Kidney To Son (VIDEO)

Below is a link to the story. I find it interesting that so many people are so livid over her being fired. It’s hard to understand what happened here, as the story lacks so much information. Did she utilize the … Continue reading

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Golf, Poker, Football and Hockey….Baseball

Went golfing today. Much like I did 10 years ago. The day prior to September 11, 2001. More on that tomorrow. I am writing my 10 years 9/11 blog and will post it tomorrow. I was happy with how I … Continue reading

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Miss-quoted in the Star Tribune

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting out front with Shandin enjoying the warm afternoon with a cup of coffee. A woman came up the drive way stating she was with the Minneapolis Star Tribune and had a few questions for us … Continue reading

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Black Cloud Over the NHL 9/07/11

Wade Belak, who hanged himself according to a person familiar with the case, was found dead Wednesday at a downtown luxury hotel and condo building in Toronto. He was 35. Rick Rypien, who battled depression, was found dead at his … Continue reading

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Child awakes to intruder in the bedroom in Savage

Savage police on Tuesday took the unusual step of advising parents to secure their homes and supervise their children closely after a child awoke and saw an unknown person in their bedroom. The screen window of the children’s bedroom had … Continue reading

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Blog-A-Day 2011

I’ve decided that I need my blog more than I thought I would. I have neglected blogging for the past few months, and I am starting to regret it. I feel very out of touch with my brain today. I … Continue reading

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I finally had some time to play with Google+ last night. I don’t really understand the purpose for it. It feels like a cross between Facebook, and Twitter. Maybe the sharing features are a little more robust, but just didn’t … Continue reading

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