Diet Day 1

Today I began my diet/workout program to lose 15 pounds, and quit smoking. I am eating healthy, walking, running and lifting weights.

I got up this morning. Was motivated to get my walking on, but it took me forever to actually get out the door. The sad thing was, I walked a whopping 0.72 miles, and it felt like I ran a marathon. So embarrassing!

I’m really watching what I eat, and Shandin went to get me some free weights to help with my work out. She is also going to show me some great exercises that she learned from all her years as a ballet dancer. I really need to work of strengthening my back muscles.

I hope to walk more later today. We shall see. My friend El helped me out with some iPhone apps to help me track my workout progress. I’m so pumped.


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3 Responses to Diet Day 1

  1. Lelly says:

    #workthatass2011 Let’s go!!

  2. Joe Lennon says:

    WeightBot is an excellent iPhone app for tracking your weight loss too. Good luck!

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