I often times reflect on my past. I love to remember all the fun I had when I was younger. A lot of times I struggle because I remember all the friends I once had. I only have two very close friends now. And it’s sad to me that so many have either moved away, or have dropped of the face of the planet for some “unknown” reason.

My friends Ian. We have been friends since I was 18 years old. I met him at a company we both worked for when I got out of high school. Him and I are polar opposites. I think that is what works so well for us. He learns from me, and I learn from him. We’ve been through a lot together.

Some funny stories I still remember, and think about a lot. My 21st birthday. We used to go to this bar at the Mall of America called Gatlins. It was a country music bar. I used to sneak in prior to my 21st birthday. So it was a bit hard to not be able to tell anyone there that it was my birthday, because they most likely would have kicked me out for having been there prior to it….oops. But we had a blast with one exception. I was the sober cab?? Yes. But fear not, I am not a big drinker. So it was nice knowing my friends would all get home safe with me behind the wheel.

I was never a fighter either. But Ian was a bit scrappy in his past. So one day, at his home in Minneapolis, he decided to give me boxing lessons. So we went out to the front yard, and began sparing. Right as we were getting in to the mix of things, a Minneapolis cop drove by. I remember Ian saying to me “quick! Smile so he knows I’m not killing you!” and the cop rolled down his window and proceeded to ask us “which one of you is Mike Tyson?”.

He sat up with me for all hours of the night, at Perkins, after I was dumped by a woman and devastated. I miss that he no longer lives close by, but with technology, we talk every day.

I remember one time he wanted to see the AZ Cardinal game, and I was living at my parents house. My dad had the football package. So I cued up google chat, and set the web cam in front of the TV so he could watch the game. We also used to play Monopoly via web cam (it’s amazing what you can do via web cam these days”.

I once had a friend who we will call J. We had many crazy things happen to is when he was drunk. A drunk run to the middle of no mans land in Wisconsin to pick him and his brother up at midnight on a Tuesday. That night the sheriff was called because they thought we killed someone in the room (one of our friends had to much to drink and aspirated, bad situation).

His brother was huge, and on the drive home, he passed out in the front seat. He kept bumping my car out of gear every 15-20 min. Drove me insane. We drove all the way home that way.

So many more stories, maybe I will post a story a week, and go in to more details. Just thought I would share some memories (good and bad).


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2 Responses to Memories

  1. Lelly says:

    I love reminiscing 🙂

  2. Those were the days, I have a few ,l have to help remind you of . Like taking Jessica’s boyfriend home from a party at my place, The mock trial, hell the night you stopped me from killing, a girl i was dating husband. and how fast an agile a fat man can be lol. We have thousands of them we do!


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