Miss-quoted in the Star Tribune

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting out front with Shandin enjoying the warm afternoon with a cup of coffee. A woman came up the drive way stating she was with the Minneapolis Star Tribune and had a few questions for us about the people that lived in the house across the street. I didn’t have much to add as I never saw anyone over there. Instead, I offered my opinion on human trafficking, and was not quoted correctly. Here is the quote from the article.

On Thursday, neighbor Patrick Shaw said two years isn’t long enough for what Kim did.

“A lot of people get lied to and are promised a good life,” he said of illegal immigrants. “They have hopes and dreams, but then are used and abused.”

What I said was “a lot of people ARE lied to” not “get”!!!!! Thanks Startribune for making me sound like an uneducated jack wad!!!

I will blog twice today since I fell asleep early last night and failed to blog yesterday.

Here is the link to the story…I may be upset but the story is very important. This man enslaved people for his own selfish gain. He deserves more than 2 years in prison.



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One Response to Miss-quoted in the Star Tribune

  1. lelly says:

    UGH!! awful situation. and i HATE being misquoted!! (especially since i happen to think i am very good with words!)

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