Grateful 9/06/11

I was trying to think what to blog about. Ketchup? Meatloaf sandwiches? Yes, lately my mind has been on food. And Binge eating. As well as golf, travel, and work. But I think as I am quickly approaching my 100 blog post, and looking back at all my posts, there is something missing.

I am so grateful for many things in my life. It seems we are always looking for the things we do not yet have, yet we forget about what we do have. I am grateful for many things. My family. Wow! It is amazing to think back on my life, and how many times my family has been there for me. Lately there has been a lot of stress and upheaval in my life, and my family has been there for me without even missing a beat.

My daughter. Finally her health has turned around for her. She is a 1st grader now. Wow! She has come such a long way in life. And it has been a trying time for her. Kidney issues, the death of her best friend last year. But every day she makes you feel such warmth inside, even when times are really horrible. I am so unbelievably grateful for her.

Friends…you can never seem to have enough friends. But I really only have a few close ones. My life would be so incomplete without them. They have always been there for me.

The list could go on and on. But it is so important to remember what we do have in our lives right now. A roof over our heads. Food on the table. A car to drive. And most of all, people who love and care about us.

So go, and be grateful!


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One Response to Grateful 9/06/11

  1. lelly says:

    sometimes i just need to sit down and make a quick gratitude list – just three or four things. it can turn my entire day around.

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