Calming 9/04/11


Lately, I’ve been tying to find ways to calm myself that don’t involve medication. Surfing the Internet for things that interest me. Looking through pictures of past vacations I’ve taken. Or just a good DQ Blizzard!

Two things I’ve noticed in doing this. There is not much that calms me, and I’m a lot more high strung than I ever thought! It’s frustrating. I’ve never had this much stress in my life. From my daughters health, to other personal strains in my life…the past 2 months have slowly, rocked my world in a very negative way.

So I continue to search for the magic cure. The sense of comfort that seems to allude me around every corner. Might be time to rewind the clock, and go back to the basics. Simple!!!


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2 Responses to Calming 9/04/11

  1. Lelly says:

    What an awesome thing to contemplate! Why does it seem so hard to get back to basics?

  2. Anxiety Girl says:

    I have the same issues, particularly in the face of stress. I am still figuring it out but the thing that I have found that calms me the most is to accept that these traits in my personality define who I am. I realize it, it doesn’t necessarily solve problems or make stressful situations less stressful but it brings to light the good qualities that I have because I’m ok with these little quirks. I hope that you can figure out what works best for you. Hang in there, it’s a long road I’ve been on and will continue to be on because medication (for me) has only been temporary relief so I choose to hold out hope that one day I will permanently be “fixed” without it.

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