Silk 8/23/11

Oneword, today it is Silk…huh? How am I supposed to blog something about silk?

Truth be told, I hate silk. Silk sheets suck because you slide right off the bed if you get to close to the edge in your sleep. Silk pajamas??? NO! the feel of silk on my psoriasis laden elbow and knees makes me want to jump right out of my skin!

There are other things in this world that are made from silk that I’m sure are very nice…I’ve just not ever found it.

Another think I dislike about silk…why do they refer to chocolate as being “silky smooth”? That drives me nuts! I can’t , and don’t ever want to eat anything that has been compared to silk. I love chocolate, but if the package says anything about it being silky smooth, I’m out!

Silk underwear are nice for some, but um…yeah.

I will continue to choose anything but silk. I will be just fine with my cotton sheets, and clothes. I will never refer to my chocolate being “silky smooth”. And I will never speak of ice cream in the same manner.

Silk = the devil!


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