How others perceive mental illness.

It’s kind of odd, somedays, to watch peoples reactions when you have a mental meltdown. I’m pretty sure I’ve been battling depression, OCD, and anxiety for most of my life. I can recall my 3rd grade teacher calling my mom and crying over the phone thinking I had a brain tumor. She was a very caring nun, who was my favorite teacher EVER! But I digress… I think it was at that point that I started to think there was something not right with how I was mentally.

I started noticing that people would treat me a little different than others in school. Almost like handling me with “kid gloves”. I’m not sure if I ever had a full meltdown in school or not. And if I did, I’m sure I’ve mentally blocked it out from my mind. But something must have happened for me to be perceived differently.

Fast forward to adult life. Now that I’m able to understand what is wrong with my craptacular brain, I have no issue sharing to the world my “issues”. I don’t do it to gain sympathy, nor do I do it to freak anyone out. I guess it is therapeutic to me to throw the contents of my brain out there. I also feel the need to educate those who are not familiar with these types of issues.

Far to often I’ve seen people, who suffer from depression and other mental illnesses be told they are crazy, nuts, loony….the list goes on. But what most don’t know is that we are on meds that help us cope the way any other person copes. We see therapists that give us tools to work with, to change the way we go about resolving our inner demons.

It makes me sad to see people make uneducated remarks that are hurtful. And being labeled sucks…but it’s part of life, I guess. We really do not have control over the issues. We can manage them, though the symptoms do not just “go away”. But we do have the ability to shine in life like anyone else.

I don’t ask that anyone cut me slack, nor do I expect to be treated different than the guy next-door. But I do expect to be treated with respect. And someone having the knowledge of what throws me in to a “meltdown” and uses that knowledge to hurt me is unacceptable!

%46.4 of adults have some type of mental illness.


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