Why I dislike Sundays…


So today I seem to be full of random, boring blogs. I guess that’s how Sundays have become for me. Boring! Seems like everyone is busy getting ready for the week. Or people are to busy dreading Monday, they forget to enjoy Sunday. Seems the government in Minnesota does not want you to enjoy Sundays either. Liquor stores are closed, you can’t buy a car, no fireworks (wait that’s every day of the week).

So I have decided, I am no longer a fan of Sunday.

I miss the day of going to the lake with friends. Heading out for a drive with no destination in mind. Heading to BestBuy to purchase something I didn’t need. Helping a friend clean his boat after a day of fishing.

Seems like all I do now is nap, watch reruns of 80’s sitcoms, or waste my time watching the movie Independance Day for the 500th time.

I want my old Sunday’s back!!! But I fear they are gone forever. Rest in peace Sunday…I enjoyed you for many years.


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