Time is all I Have

It is interesting when you are single, and have nothing to do, time goes so slow. When you are in a relationship, and happy, time flies right on by. It is a horrid thing for some one with OCD, and anxiety….let’s not forget depression. I really love time when it works in my favor, but lately, it has only kicked my ass. I look at the clock in the morning, and it is 8am. Before I know it, it is noon, and nothing has been done. It’s driving me mad!!!!

I would love, more than anything, to have time just to run at a normal, constant speed!


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One Response to Time is all I Have

  1. e e ® says:

    oh, my friend, i hear you. right now i feel like time is speeding by. yet i’m dragging my feet on making some important decisions. the overall feeling is then that i’m losing, or wasting, my time. it’s like being rushed through quicksand…

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