Short Term Goals From Now to August.

For those of you who read my old blog from last year remember, I like to break my long term goals down to shorter term goals. Helps me stay focused, and each small goal get’s me closer to a major goal or 2. These are random, not in any particular order.

Thanks again for all the supportive emails I get from a lot of you. Means the world to me!

Move: That’s right…The time is near. It will happen. Can’t share much about this in detail yet…but will be very soon. “Happy Dance”

Continue to work on my poker game. Plug the leaks that continue to drive me mad in tournaments.

Find a charity that I want to donate to, time and money. There are a lot of good causes out there, and am leaning toward “The March of Dimes”. Let me know if you have any other suggestions. Organizations that help out families and children who have been born prematurely or have health issues stemming from birth are close to my heart.

Blog more. Now that I can blog from my phone, I want to do it more. Putting my thoughts and feelings down, and out to the universe has been helping me out a lot. I need to “Just Do IT” (Thank you Nike)

And the last one is to love more. I work on this every day. It is sometimes way to easy to let anger turn to hate. I do not want to hate anyone. Hate is such an ugly word, and it has a nasty meaning behind it. I want to be better at loving people. This is most important to me.

Back to the 101 degree heat we are having…


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