Future Plans

I am starting to feel a bit out of control with my life. Not that it is a bad thing. I just need to check in with myself again, as I seem to be out on a mental vacation. I have a few things that have been bothering me lately, and I need to throw them out to the universe so I do not forget.

Quit Smoking…I have been trying to quit for EVER! It is time to take it very seriously. With my dad recently getting diagnosed with bladder cancer, this should be a wake up call for me. Smokers are at the highest risk for getting bladder cancer.

I still have not put on paper my financial goals for this year….IT IS JUNE!!!!! Next week, I am going to take a few hours and do this.

Get back to what I love….I love photography, and I have completely thrown it away. So much so that someone asked me the other day what my passions are…and I never even said photography. Need to take some time out for that.

Cut down on my coffee….because 12 cups per day is out of control.

Continue with therapy for my OCD/depression/anxiety and begin the process of coming off the medication by learning to manage it.

Get my sleep issues resolved….I think I know what I have to do here…it is a work in progress, but last night I slept better than I had in many months. Otherwise….hypnosis???

My life is changing at a very rapid pace, and I feel I have started over from scratch. Really, this is not that far from the truth.

I am STILL having withdrawal symptoms from being off the Klonopin. The shaking is really all that remains, but it is enough to drive me mad!!!

I need to remain focused. It is to easy to blow things off…that is the reason I am writing this…so I remember what to focus on!

This song is very fitting for my mood tonight. As I hear it, I smile and shake my head.



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1 Response to Future Plans

  1. les k says:

    12 cups a day. Without ‘em how could we swallow the blue ones? The red ones too? I hope the down from the Klonopin is manageable and the effects abate soon. Practice patients and acceptance with your self right now. I have been on SSRI cocktails for a bit, however I am trying to leverage diet changes and a new therapist in with a reduction on the number or at least dosage with my Dr..
    I have read in a couple article like this
    and it make me wonder about my decision all the more.

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