Random Thoughts 6-02-11

Take in all my craziness! Random thoughts going through my brain right now.

I am missing new episodes of Fraiser and Everybody Loves Raymond.

I feel like I am having an “out of body” experience today.

I am on the edge of disaster every second of every day.

At this moment, I am thinking about my daughter.

I have anxiety.

People lie…everyone lies, including me.

Casey Anthony makes me want to gouge my eyeballs out.

Depression is manageable…..some days, but not all.

Single dads are always scrutinized more than single moms.

I want to hug someone today and make them feel better.

I want someone to make me feel better.

I am selfish today.

Pure honesty can be very painful.

Today I am going to make someone feel important. Small goals today.


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