Random Thoughts 5/14/11

I often times find myself day dreaming about doing things in life that are not typical for me. I love to do 1 crazy thing per year (bungee jumping, sky diving, drive a race car just to name a few of what I want, or have done). Last night I had a hell of a time falling asleep. So my brain started to go in to over drive with thoughts of wanting to do things I have never done.

Some of it was just plain ridiculous, and I am sure those were things I thought about while I was making my transition from awake to asleep. But there were a few that I feel I could do. For example…I would love to act. I did some acting/modeling when I was younger. I miss doing it. I can remember my first acting “gig” was in the 6th grade when I played the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz. I loved it. I did some photo modeling (not anything major) but I loved that as well.

As I get closer to my 40th birthday (3 years away), I am seriously considering trying to make my way in to some local acting. I will pass on the modeling part, as I know i am in no way able to be a model (got to look like one to be one lol).

Thanks for reading my random ramble for the day.


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