Derek Boogaard RIP; Harmon Killebrew in Hospice

What a sad day today. With Harmon Killebrew announcing his Chemo was no longer working, he has decided to go in to hospice to live out the remainder of his life as comfortable as possible.

Then the shocking announcement that Derek Boogaard suddenly passed away today at the age of 28. There is not much news surrounding                                              Boogaard’s death just yet. I will update this post.

I loved watching Derek play for the Wild. He was the “Enforcer” and I always got excited to see him take to the ice. He was not a great goal scorer (3 career goals in the NHL) but he was always + on the ice. At one point with the Wild, he has the highest + of the entire team. I always had hopes he would someday make his way back to Minnesota, and I think he felt the same way as he was in his Minneapolis apartment when he passed away today.

It just reminds us all how fragile life can be, and how people at any age can be taken from us in a moment.


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One Response to Derek Boogaard RIP; Harmon Killebrew in Hospice

  1. Nick Blumb says:

    Very very sad day for Minnesota sports fans! RIP Boogaard!!

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