Day 3 North Carolina 4/23/11

Finally the day to golf had arrived. It rained all day yesterday, and it was still raining when I went to bed. I was worried it would still be raining when we tee’d off this morning at 10:30. When I woke up, I went outside and it was cloudy, damp, but no rain. I knew the course would be pretty wet, but didn’t care as long as it was not raining. When we got to the golf course, it was 57 and cloudy. When we were coming off 18, it was 67 and the sun had just came out. Perfect weather for golf. Just wish the ground was not so wet.


I was not expecting to break 100 my first time out this year, but I came close. I shot a 104, and was happy with it considering I had not played since October last year, and I was using my brothers Father In Law’s golf clubs. We played at Greensboro National, about an hour outside of Greensboro, NC.


Came across this beautiful home on the 9th tee. Or as my brother put it, a “monstrosity” of a house.

I lost quite a few balls out there, probably didn’t help my score out.

And I did get some sun, so that made me happy.

Time for dinner, and relax for the rest of the night. Easter tomorrow, and we have a packed day full of family, and food!


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One Response to Day 3 North Carolina 4/23/11

  1. kmeicher77 says:

    I’m digging some of the pics you’ve been posting! and yes i still creep on your blog. You’re the only person i subscribe to that ever writes anything. Hope you’re doing well.

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