North Carolina Day #2 4/22/11

Day two, we decided to head in to Greensboro for some southern BBQ. I was very excited for this. Food is defiantly a passion for me. So off we went to Stamey’s BBQ.


If this place was good enough for President Bush, it was good enough for me….and it was!


The food was great, and the hot sauce was hot, but packed full of flavor. That is one of my biggest issues with spicy sauces. Most of them do not have any flavor.

After we ate, it was time to take the kids to the Children’s Museum. And one thing I have learned is when you go to the Children’s Museum, you leave with a headache, and are 3 times as tired as you were when you got there. But the kids had fun, and that is all that matters.


Then I saw this guy in a skirt/kilt.


Then it was time to head out of Greensboro, and back to my brothers house. I really think NC looks a lot like Minnesota. But the houses we passed seem to have a lot of history, and were very unique.


I could take the entire day, and go drive around just to look at homes and buildings.

Now we are eating dinner, and will be heading back to the hotel to go to sleep, and get ready for my first 18 holes of golf tomorrow. I have not played golf in almost 6 months. So I am looking forward to it.


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