Day #1 in North Carolina 4/21/11

I arrived in North Carolina yesterday 4/21/11.  I had a long day of travel.  Left the house at 6:45AM and my plane left at 9:05. It was a small, CRJ200 that did not have much leg room for me.


I landed in Cincinnati and was really excited because I have never been to Ohio. I thought I would be able to cross this state off my list, but I found out the airport is in northern Kentucky. 1 mile away from Ohio! I have been to Kentucky before, so I did not get to add any states on my flight out here.

Minnesota/Wisconsin Border
Ohio River
Turning to land on RWY 18 at CVG
Landed at GSO (Greensboro Airport)

I posted a video here of the landing (for you plane geeks like me).

I did not get to my brothers house until close to 5:30. I was already tired, and ready for bed. We did manage to go out to dinner, at a place called Bob’s. And I immediately knew when we got there, that I was in the south.


The food was really good, and very inexpensive. The only thing I do not like, it most “pickled” food here is more sour than sweet. Not a fan of the sour taste. We had a great time, and I was so excited to see my Nieces since they moved back here.


And the night ended with me sleeping before 10PM central time.


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