Bye Bye Twitter

It has been a crazy few weeks in my life.  A lot of drama, and I have not exactly been the “perfect” person in all of this.  My Twitter account was hacked, and my email was hacked.  My Twitter is now deleted, and I am taking a much needed break from it.

I have a lot to work on in my personal life (coming off Klonopin, relationships with friends and family) and need to focus on that.  I will continue to blog/vlog.  In fact, I will do more of that now that Twitter is no longer a constant part of my every day life.

I will be posting a Vlog later today, or tomorrow that tells more about what’s going on with me.


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One Response to Bye Bye Twitter

  1. Nick Blumb says:

    I just posted about you missing on twitter then saw this.I hope all is well and Good luck on everything bud!

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